Ace of Spades Beta 0.75

Create a battleground and play with friends to defeat the enemy

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    Beta 0.75

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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Ace of Spades is a game that combines the fast-paced action of a First Person Shooter with the creative building of Minecraft. Players are sorted into teams, then pitted against each other in a map filled with fully destructible terrain. Each team is armed with guns, grenades and the all-important spade, which allows players to dig out and build up the block-based map in a surprising variety of ways.

The combat of Ace of Spades is reminiscent of World War I trench warfare, with long-range rifles and machine guns dominating the combat. Bunkers and foxholes will quickly become your friends, and players quickly learn to avoid open ground for fear of snipers and machine gun nests. Players who try to rush the enemy unprepared, on the other hand, will likely meet with an enemy shotgun. Carefully wearing away the opposing team is key to victory, and breaking through a weak spot in the enemy lines is one of the most rewarding experiences the game has to offer.

Building in Ace of Spades shares a lot of similarities with Minecraft, in that the world is made of cubes that can be picked up and placed to make structures, tunnels and hiding places. Unlike Minecraft, there is no crafting to be done, and only one type of block to build with, meaning that the durability of a structure is entirely in the hands of the player that builds it. A building with only a few supports can be vulnerable to complete collapse if an enemy can remove them, while thick walls can withstand more punishment from enemy fire.

The graphics are very simple and straightforward, but offer a certain indie charm that has become popular in recent years. The upside to this is that older computers can run the game with relative ease, but anyone looking for a realistic or visually stunning game will come away disappointed. Also, the user interface can be difficult, and instructions on how to play the game are minimal at best. Those familiar with the games Ace of Spades draws from will find themselves right at home, but newer players can easily get lost in the complexity.

Overall, the game carves out a unique niche for itself in the realm of Minecraft clones and holds the rare distinction of taking the concept in a new and interesting direction. Fans of shooters, builders and strategy games can find something in Ace of Spades, but casual gamers may be put off by the difficult UI and steep learning curve. But for players who scale the learning curve, a unique and entertaining game awaits.


  • Completely destructible (and constructible) terrain.
  • Creative game play lets you achieve objectives in your own way.
  • Low system requirements.


  • Simple graphics can break immersion.
  • Sparse UI can cause confusion.
  • Lacks tutorial elements.

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